Tongji U+A Bookstore
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Design/Complete:2011/2012
  • Area: 85㎡

The building bookstore is integrated into the hall of the Tongji Planning Building, making the bookstore an important part of the life of the planners and architects. Bookstores and cafes and restaurants together to build a designer living and leisure places. Love book, love design, is the starting point of the design of the project, from a number of different scales of the "book box" in the parametric design method under the guidance of the library space made by the reader to a strong sense of gathering, which is through To the lofty way of knowledge. "Book box" will frame masonry into a "plain" and "plateau" staggered landscape: a panoramic shelf surrounded by "plain" space, and a two rows of bookshelf limited "plateau" space. Every frame on the shelves is twisted at the entrance, and the person standing at the entrance will feel all the bookshelves "welcome" to create a more introverted atmosphere for meditation.


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