Zendai MoMA
  • Location: Pudong District, Shanghai
  • Design/Complete: 2008/2009
  • Area: approx 3,000 ㎡

Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art was founded in 2005, with modern facilities and advanced academic philosophy to become a new international contemporary art platform. The functions of the museum include exhibitions, research, collections, academic exchanges, and international artist studios.
We are in the interior design to create a modern art exhibition in line with the modern art museum of the spiritual characteristics: 1, pure, and colorful business space for comparison. 2, simple, and bright fashion luxury business atmosphere for comparison. 3, neutral, in order to better bring out the works of art. The interior of the exhibition hall is made of simple spraying and does not conceal or disguise the equipment such as lighting lines, water pipes, fan ducts and so on. Entrance hall wall and the top of the mirror stainless steel finishes simple and clean, the exhibition hall wall is also simply sprayed into white, with dark gray ground constitutes a pure, simple, neutral background. And strive to make works of art thoughtful, more spiritual power of infection.
Art Museum in the plane function, the bottom of the entrance, foyer, bookstore, and a layer of exhibition. There are coffee on the second floor, bathroom, two exhibition area. The third floor has three pavilions, outdoor cafe and office logistics area. The elements that we consider in the design are: streamline arrangement, sorting and sorting of space, device design, building structure, wall, lighting and no lighting space ... scattered and irregular in the building plane to make space planning in interior design Become the key, streamline design concept is particularly important. We are in the design of the time, and strive to make a variety of space to show a chain of state, space and space can be deducted together, can also be used separately. The form of the interior space has the adaptability characteristic, arranges the arrangement for the exhibition stream line, has provided the room for the flexible arrangement of exhibits and the distribution of the exhibition hall. Connecting the floor and the second floor of the staircase space to narrow the gap is the upper and lower exhibition space transition, connecting the second and third floor of the staircase and the third floor of the corridor as both the traffic space, but also for the exhibition hall to provide space diversity , Corridor part can be used as a display area, an increase of exhibition area. The space is patchwork, diverse space can be adapted to different exhibitions and exhibits. In the shape: the entrance, extending from the top of the hall protruding from the outer wall, naturally forming a prominent door as the "entrance", the outdoor and indoor organically linked. The doors of the wall, the top material uniform, fully demonstrated the modern characteristics of the museum and different from other commercial space pure features. And the main entrance is opposite to the large turn to do a variety of uses, can be flexible separation of space, guide the flow of people, for the display of LOGO wall. The only color comes from the bathroom, with green and pink fluorescent light to distinguish between male and female, which in itself is a contemporary art.


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