Linear House-Jiujiantang
  • Location: Pudong District, Shanghai
  • Design/Complete: 2005/2006

In the design of the project, the spatial elements of the straight line become the theme of the design, the linear wall, the linear space, the straight line traffic, the linear greening and so on in the reasonable combination, has manifested both the silence and the rich spatial characteristic.
Parallel between the wall and the wall, to establish an open, mobile order, as a vivid exchange of inspiration.
Quantitative spatial scale experience is in a static environment, in the interior space, calmly experience the viewfinder space under the different scale of the outdoor landscape, for the building to provide a static new experience.
The length of each wall in the building is different, including the experience of the existence of its visual and spatial experience, walking linear space to give space to the concept of time. The limits between the fragments of the wall create a flow of mind for different spaces, and the result of this movement creates a dynamic landscape within the same building.
The wall created by the wall shows a polysemous expression; the spatial scale of the experience brings the call to the oriental culture. At the same time, the wall surface material has also been given a variety of connotations. Surface texture refinement of the spatial scale, showing a rich and delicate expression, expressed the most subtle feelings. Transparent windows and shade panels are present at the same time under the control of a device. Transparent windows and shade windows between the lighting and shade ventilation between the binary conversion and interaction to the whole house to add many Smart features, and to provide A new cultural interpretation. Thickness of the existence of two kinds of walls, matte and smooth, rough and fine, green tiles brick stack, white walls and white two traditional colors contrast, showing the wall and the traditional space of cultural association. In the wall and skin design, the composition of contemporary art and the traditional texture of the material and color, together to build a "contemporary Chinese" space.


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