The City of Breeze--Shenzhen Bay “Super City” International Competition
  • Design: Archi-Union Architects+ARUP(Shanghai)
  • Design Team:Archi-Union--Philip F. Yuan (Architects in Charge), Alex Han, Chao Yan, Hyde Meng, Jose Maria Nunez Gimeno、Alejandro Burgueño Díaz、Pradeep Devadass
  • Design Team:ARUP--Vickie Chen,Kathy Chang
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Area: 1,500,000 sqm
  • Design Time: Jan., 2014

Shenzhen Bay Super headquarters is located in the center of the Shenzhen Bay area, but also Shenzhen and Shenzhen West channel from Shenzhen Bay to look back at Shenzhen, the visual focus. Surrounding the convergence of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Western Corridor, the track 2,9,11 and other important traffic resources, as well as the Shenzhen Bay Park, Mangrove Reserve, OCT Lake Wetland, OCT theme area and other ecological landscape and tourism and leisure resources, Close to the Shenzhen High-tech Park is the hype of Shenzhen high-tech creative industries.
Based on the unique subtropical maritime climate and wind environment in Shenzhen, this design creates a new urban demonstration center for natural ecology, rethinking the links and interactions between the natural environment, public space and high-rise towers. The main axis of the super city is designed as a green vegetation and water-covered three-dimensional central park, emphasizing the return of ecology and human nature. Central Park in the urban texture of the vertical contact with the Shenzhen Bay and OCT Lake wetlands, the perfect combination of the city and green, comparable to the heart of New York Manhattan.
Breeze City is committed to the environment and system design, pay attention to the continuity of urban texture. The park is in form by stretching, deforming, hovering, creating high levels of public squares and pedestrian spaces between and forming part of the building facade. The park is built on a horizontal stretch, the building is the park in the vertical space of the pull. The shape of the park and the building dominates the environment with good interaction with the wind. The undulating terrain creates a lot of comfortable resting space inside the park, while the wind is well introduced into the interior of the building, forming a natural ventilation effect.
Designed to consider the wind environment, but also concerned about the sunshine, temperature, humidity and line of sight and other environmental factors, and for the architectural form in the composite environment parameters under the overall optimization, to create low-carbon self-sufficient sustainable urban system. Breeze of the city hope that people can breathe in the center of the city to the general fresh air, always enjoy the refreshing breeze.


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