Robotic Brick Wall
  • TutorsPhilip F. YUAN, Panagiotis MICHALATOS
  • StudentsXIAO Tong, HU Yuchen, HUANG Shuyi, XIONG Qi, YIN Hao

Based on the structural homogeneity of masonry structure, by changing the connection mode and spatial paradigm, we break through the construction limit set by its structural performance.
Generated by shape grammar, adjusted with structure performance analysis, optimized by Genetic Algorithm, and supported by the accurate spatial positioning of robot arm, the project attempts to improve the aesthetic and application value of brick within its original image and building routine.
According to the hardware facilities, we establish a subsection building strategy.
After being put together, these fragment constitute a serial brick installation with subtle visual impact.
Accompanied by the KUKA work station, the full-automated building procedure can coordinate the design scheme, the structure optimization, and the building process to realize the ideal brick tectonic.


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