Aux Campus (Shanghai)
  • Location: Kangqiao Industrial Park, Shanghai
  • Site Area: 18 hectare
  • Area: 336,400 ㎡
  • Client: Shanghai Xiangming Industry Investment Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Aux Group
  • Design/Completion: 2008/2011

In the project planning and architectural design, the architects from the Oaks Group R & D, industrial production and promotion of one-stop modern technology enterprise model, according to the enterprise The different needs of the production process and the special requirements of the production equipment to the spirit of the enterprise core and landscape plant for the two major themes, the base is divided into the core of the central landscape with 10 groups around the pattern of development and positioning, given the different blocks and groups The content, so that it has a wealth of group characteristics, and through the construction of outdoor space and green landscape of the reasonable combination and well-designed to create a new modern production office environment.
Oaks business within the ring set of production relations network, the design concept has a greater impact. Reflected in the building, each group of buildings in maintaining its diversity at the same time. As far as possible through the construction of some of the contact space, constitute the model and architectural details, to conduct a unified contact, so that it is unified in the overall, external show a consistent sense of the whole.
As an entrance to the entire park, the architects used the blockwork technique and the standard form array layout in the design of the AB group at the northern end, laying the foundation for the rigorous, rational and self-discipline of the entire park. And which interspersed in different building blocks in the shared space corridor, the richness of the city and outside the level of space. In the design of the core of the landscape in the center of the park, the meandering lotus pond water is connected to the four buildings of different shapes, which are responsible for the functions of the enterprise club, the core office and the R & D center. In the four buildings, it is worth mentioning that the cola house (b), the daily recovery of the cans of the pattern of the use of direct re-use of the model, the building skin here was decided to open / closed double Model, which is a low-cost and low-tech ecological practice.
Along the central landscape belt is arranged on both sides of the CJ office group, each group are using a different facade material to deduce throughout the park in the modern architecture of the traditional charm: the traditional intention of the Louhua window was boldly applied to the facade In the division of the basic unit of splicing, scattered and superposition of the way to give the building more modern expression; slope roof was intermittently interception and re-combination, mixed with the complex brick wall and interspersed with the floor of the window and glass Corridor combination, while ensuring that the building and the central core landscape with zero distance contact, but also retains the traditional building with the introverted and subtle.


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