Jade Museum
  • Location: Xuhui District, Shanghai
  • Area: approx 1000 ㎡
  • Design/Completion: 2012/2013
  • Client: Jade Museum
  • Architect: Philip F. Yuan / Archi-Union Architects
  • Design Team: Alex Han, Fuzi He
  • Photography: Xia Zhi

Located in the high-density Xuhui District, in downtown Shanghai, Jade Museum is a renovation from an office building. For this project we were commissioned to convert the noncomplex office space into a multi-functional communication art museum on the premise of keeping the original building structure. Faced with the change in the use of the building, we first deconstruct the straightforward logic of the space and blur the functions’ interface. We implement the tools of digital design early in the conceptual phase, to help us rebuild the logic of space and translate the folding of the circulation flows into a folding of space itself.


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