• Curator: Philip F. YUAN
  • Curating Consultant: LI Xiangning
  • Exhibition Coordinator: Anita LIU, Crisie YUAN
  • Participant: Alex HAN, Hyde MENG, Alfred SHEN, Toto HU, ZHANG Liang, XU Wentao, ZHANG Mei, TANG Chengjia, ZHANG Zhichun, SU Yang, CHEN Zhangseng, XU Wei, ZHANG Liming, LI Qinying, KONG Xiangping, DING Mingming

Autonomous Tectonics, as the theme of this exhibition, reflects Archi-Union’s research on design methodologies and theories. “Autonomy” is an attitude; “Tectonics” is an action. The thing around the unique design attitude and action is the parallel thinking of research, teaching and practice that through to the end. These are clearly showed in this exhibition.
Design methodologies, as the clue of the exhibition, are divided into four sections: Algorithmic Geometry, Digital Tectonics, Performance Aesthetics and Interactive Architecture. These sections, which have a strong academic research background, clearly outline the content of “Autonomous Tectonics”.


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