Can Cube
  • Location:Shanghai, China
  • Project Area: 1,000 sqm
  • Project Year: 2008-2010
  • Architects: Archi Union Architects
  • Chief Designer:Philip F. Yuan
  • Design Team: Cang Lijia, Alex Han
  • Client: Shanghai Aux Xiang Investment
  • Photographs: Sheng Zhonghai

Can Cube is an innovative residential and office building, located in Aux Campus Shanghai. By utilizing several ecological and renewable systems the building is highly efficient and sustainable. The entrance level and below ground level are both occupied by office space, while levels two and three are recreational and private living quarters. At the entrance is a gradually recessed garden, leading to the basement level. A bridge connects the foot of the garden to the first floor level.
Can Cube’s facade is a system of aluminium carbonated drink cans which are enclosed in an aluminium frame. The façade saves the energy wasted during recycling processes by reusing the cans in their current form, without the need for recycling or further processes. For more about this sustainable mixed-use design, photographs and drawings, following the break.
Enclosing them in an aluminium frame keeps the structure light and easily adjustable by its occupants. Window-sash type sections within the façade provide the user with full control of sunlight/daylight in all seasons. The façade works alongside underground heating and cooling devices, rainwater filtration and solar energy systems, which all provide more efficiency and minimize the wastage of energy.


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