Suzhou Garden Fair

Project: Timber Structure Theme Pavilion

Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province   

Construction:  Suzhou Crownhomes Co., Ltd

Floor Area: 3600m2

Design Stage: 2015.5-2015.10

Construction Stage: 2015.10-2016.1

Principal Architect: Phiip F. Yuan


Design Team:

Architecture: Alex Han, Chao Yan, Xiangping Kong, Hua Chai

Interior:  Xiaoming Chen, Xuwei Wang

Structure:  Jinjiang Zhou, Qi Zhou

Electromechanical: Jilin Gu

Photography: Bian Lin

     Timber Structure Theme Pavilionas the main exhibition hall of the Jiangsu Province Horticultural Exposition, was built in 2016. It is located beside in the expo area which is next to Taihu Lake, in Linhu Town, Suzhou City. It represents an attempt to build the wood structure of the essence of traditional Chinese living culture to the future of modern wood structures.

    The design and construction of Timber Structure Theme Pavilion of the Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition is an attempt at robot wood processing technology. The project is based on the shape finding of the free-net shell structure. Based on the structural properties of the wood, the multi-dimensional simulation and optimization of the structural form are performed. The connection mode of the component is designed and optimized through the joint test. The project has achieved the digital processing of components by means of a combination of factory prefabrication and robot construction. During the design process, the project integrated design and construction information based on a parameter-based geometry system.

     The design integrates the modern rigorous and rational new wooden building with the surrounding dynamic and elegant landscape in the exposition park. With structural optimization as the starting point of the shape design, the pavilion responds to the site streamline organization and terrain features, and adopts a rational and precise force student shape principle. 

      The structural performance design of Timber Structure Theme Pavilion uses a multi-objective parameter structure design method. At the same time, in order to complete such a traditional wood-beam processing method that cannot be realized quickly by the traditional process, we use the Fab-Union special project - the digital arm of the robot arm was developed to realize the first attempt to use advanced digital technology for processing of construction nodes.


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