J-Office & Silk Wall
  • Location: No. 1436 Jungong Road, Wuwei Creative industry Park, Yangpu District, Shanghai
  • Area: approx 3,000 sqm
  • Design: November, 2009 - January, 2010
  • Construction: December., 2009 - April 2010
  • Architect: Philip F. Yuan/Archi-Union Architects
  • Design Team: Alex Han, Fuzi He
  • Photography: Shen Zhonghai

This project is located in an old industrial park in Shanghai, China. The brief was to convert a dilapidated building from a warehouse into an architectural design studio. The concept of the Silk Wall (the external wall that surrounds the warehouse) was based on manipulating simple materials using up to date fabrication processes. In selecting a material, we rejected the idea of using fake decoration to disguise the structure. The material we chose were cinder blocks that are used throughout China because they are so inexpensive. Exploring the limits of the material; the unexpressive form and rigid dimensions, we decided that instead of using the traditional bricklaying method with a simple stacking logic, we would create stacking algorithms that brought the simple material to life.


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